Monday, June 10, 2013

Learning to Work

Samuel has finished an amazing year of 8th grade at one of our local public high schools! His plans for this summer include a vacation with the family to Maine, and extended school year.  In the weeks that we are waiting for these to happen, Samuel is going to start "a job" at home.  He will be working as our family weather forecaster! Where did the idea for this come up?  Well, the thought has been milling around in my mind since I heard Temple Grandin speak on this subject at "The Accessibility Summit" conference in McLean, Virginia in 2011.  The attached video is not from that conference, but touches on what she discussed. In Samuel's case, he is not ready to go out and work in someone else's home or out in public like Dr. Grandin started, but he is certainly reading to learn about what a job is and how someone gets ready for one.   So far I have written out two social stories for him, "What is a Job?" and "Starting a Job."  Tomorrow he begins "training."  I am planning to share his progress this summer on this blog and (with any luck) I will give an update on what has been going on these past few years.


Anonymous said...

Well?! :)

LAA and Family said...

Thanks for the "nudge," Anonymous! Our 2-week family vacation has thrown me off a bit, but I'll really try to post about how this is going soon!

Chris D said...

Glad to hear he's doing so well! Wow-8th grade. It's been a while since I've been over here.

I look forward to hearing his progress.

chrisd from a parent spectrum disorder (from a LONG time ago)