Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Accessibility Summit

The Accessibility Summit is a conference held in the Tysons Corner area of Northern Virginia at McLean Bible Church.  I attended it for the first time last year and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to hear and be around those who look at the positive side of living with a disability and is interested in helping to integrate his/her self, his/her child, student, or client with special needs into all facets of everyday living.

Attendees can go to anywhere from 3 to 5 workshops (the pre- and post-conference workshops cost extra, 3 are included in the cost of attending) and they are categorized into family/caregiver, faith-based, and professional. A pre-conference and regular workshop are held on Friday afternoon/evening and two workshops plus the post-conference workshop are held on a Saturday. 

One of the keynote speakers last year was Temple Grandin and one of this year's is her mom, Eustacia Cutler.  If you are within a day's drive of Northern Virginia and the conference appeals to you, this is something worth attending!  (From what I have heard, attendees come from all over the county.  Washington D.C. isn't too far away, so some people attach a trip there onto attending the conference.)


Julie Lost and Found said...

I would LOVE to attend an autism conference where Temple Grandin is a speaker! That woman helped me see things so differently. I'm flying across country in Feb for the All Ages and Abilities conference in Anaheim and can't wait! My son has Aspergers syndrome.

LAA and Family said...

That sounds like a great conference! One of the keynote speakers, Brenda Smith Myles, who wrote "The Hidden Curriculum," is speaking in Northern Virginia the end next week. I wish I could go! I have her book and am trying to delve into it a bit for some social skills education for my son.

Have you had a chance to hear Temple Grandin speak? I highly recommend it. Her perspective, being a person with autism, is amazingly enlightening. If you cannot see her anytime soon, look up her website

The home page of this website has questions she has answered, the FAQs tab on the website has other questions she has answered, and there is a schedule of conferences where she is keynote speaker.

Temple and her Mom, like I've said many times, have been great inspirations to me in trying to figure out how to best educate my son with autism.

LAA and Family said...

Additionally, Youtube is another good resource for Temple Grandin. There are lots of videos of her there!


I would also love to hear Temple Grandin speak,she truly is a remarkable woman :)

LAA and Family said...

So nice to hear from you, Mother of Many!

Temple Grandin's Mom spoke at the conference, which was just a little over a week ago. She is 85 years old and does these speaking engagements!

I love her story, going against the conventions of the 1950s to raise her daughter with autism. She credited a doctor at Children's Hospital in Boston for "thinking outside the box."

janelle said...

I would love to hear Temple Grandin speak...she is amazing!